About Embassy Flooring

Embassy Flooring started operations in 2008 with the intention of becoming one of the leading hardwood floor producers in North America. Using current German technology. Embassy Flooring Focuses on using quality North American Red Oak for all its flooring products. Embassy Flooring also incorporates ISO approved manufacturing standards to ensure quality and consistent milling on all its flooring products.

Green Comitment

When you purchase and Embassy Flooring product you can be confident that every effort has been made to produce flooring with a focus on a minimal environmental impact. We take care in producing flooring that meets environmentally friendly standards by using current manufacturing technology that minimizes wood waste

It's Something We never

25 Year Warranty Policy

The entire line of Embassy Flooring is backed up by a 25 year wear warranty with a tough aluminum oxide coating system on every board. Our floors are manufactured to meet the demands of today’s active lifestyles.